Smith - Freeman - Burnham - Hoffman - Hartleb  
Family Lines

This line of the family originates in Germany and England and early US records. Many new files have been added recently Burnham, Freeman and Smith lines. These names originate in early USA history, all migrate to Ontario Canada for a time and then all move to Michigan, where they marry and raise their families. 

The Burnham's are found in Massachusetts, Connecticut, then New York, and onto Ontario Canada in the 1830's.  The family then moved to Michigan, St. Clair Co. about 1850. 

Freeman's are first found documented in Elgin, Ontario Canada and then come to St. Clair Co. Michigan in the late 1840's. 

The above lines have undergone recent updates with new vital, land, cemetery and census material added.

The Hoffman-Hartleb family is first documented in Macomb Co. Michigan in the 1850's and then moves to Saginaw Co. and beyond. If you find a family connection please get in touch.

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