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 Auger Skeletons in the Closet?


by: Alan T. G. Nelson

It was inevitable I would uncover the darker side of the Auger past! 

 Anyone wanting to admit to a link to a:
John Auger arrested on the orders of the King sept 16 1461 for larceny. No result stated William Auger merchant from Saltaysshe Cornwall who did not appear in court to answer a charge made against him for trespass by Thomas Budon. Jeremy Agor whipped in prison 11/05/1594. Brian Auger of Chatham charged with murder 05/02/1574. Result not guilty Robert Auger remanded April 1600, accused of grand larceny. Result guilty and sentenced to hang. Maybe this crime is a travesty of justice. A William Auger of Slatford accused of engrossing corn 21/10/1573 bought in Maldon so he could sell at a profit. He was fined March 1574. How about this then: A Elizabeth Fraunces, wife of Christopher Fraunces of Hatfield Peveril, accused on 08/02/1566 of betwitching the infant son of William Auger of Hatfield Peveril, so that he became paralysed. Infant called John. Accused, confessed, and imprisioned for 1 year.

To counteract all the nasty pieces, there was some better things I picked up. One of the family had the ear of the King and was appointed to rid Kentish shores of rogues and to guard against invasion. Henry Auger was appointed by royal command to be Baliff at Winchelsea. Robert Auger was appointed to constable in Tunbridge on June 02 1504. An earlier Henry was empowered to supply the Kings ships in 1461. Presumably the same Henry was ordered to place a beacon on 01/07/1490 to warn of the threat of foreign invasion.

Perhaps all these facts (there are more) extracted from the Patent rolls predate the exodus from France (there obviously was an influx of French Augers into London then) so the origins of the name must clearly be rooted in the depths of English History.

Anyone admitting to any links to any of these wrongdoers or otherwise please let me know.



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