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This site is made possible by the work Alan T G Nelson and Patricia Hamp at present.  We are in great need of help to keep this site going and up to date.  The site has gone for periods of time without updates due to lack of time. 

Link Manager - needed someone to surf the web to collect addresses of family database pages and that contain the various Auger surnames so that researchers can find them.

Mail List Administration - The mail list is set up and is fairly easy to take care of thanks to Rootsweb.  The duties that are needed are monitoring the list to keep conversations running smoothly, and helping people sub and unsub periodically.  Along with this comes the duty of maintaining the Query Board on the Rootsweb system.  Easy to do, and very little work. 

Transcribers are needed for various areas of the world.  If you have a resource that you can transcribe records of Augers from please let us know.  We will be glad to present your work here if you would like with credit and copyright to you of course. 


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