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The following people have offered to do lookups in material they have on hand.  Please keep your queries to one family and do not ask for a blanket search of all of one name. 

1. "Family History and Genealogy of the Descendents of Robert Augur of New Haven Colony"

It was compiled by Edwin P. Augur of Middletown, Connecticut and printed in 1904. It was presented to Willis Lincoln Augur and Family July 6, 1907.
The Book begins with Robert Augur who married Mary Guilbert of New Haven Nov. 20, 1673.
I would be glad to look up names for interested parties. Both Augur and Auger descendents of Robert up to 1904 are listed. The family covered is primarily ion the New England area.

2. Alan T. G. Nelson's Database

Alan T. G. Nelson has been working diligently on collecting data on anyone who has the Auger, and various spellings, surname. He has collected births, deaths, marriages, census records, mainly from records in England. Thousands of name with dates and the resource so you can get a hold of the original record.
If you would like a lookup in these databases you can contact:


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