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The following various spellings have been found in records so far. The older the record the more likely the spelling can be any of the below for the surname. Very few people could spell in ancient times and the ones who could spelled by sound. Add a French, German, English or other country's accent and the variations can get creative.

Auger Aucher Aeger Algar
Ager Aungyer Audger Alger
Agar Angyer Aunger/s Allgar
Aiger Auger Aucher Allger
Angear/e Ager Aungyer  
Anger/e Agar Angyer  
Angier Aiger Audry  
Aeger Angear/e Adger  
Audger Anger/e Adgar  
Aunger/s Angier Adger  

Elgar Elger Ellgar Ellger

Hanger Hangar Hodger Hongrye

Odier Oager Oiger Oddger
Oger/s Ogger/s Odger Odgirr/s
Oge Ouger Odgyer Odgiar
Ogier Ozier Odgger Orgar
Odie Oyger Odgar Orger


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