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The following cemeteries have been read and put into a searchable database for Gratiot Co. Michigan and was have been read in 2002-2003.  The link on the cemetery name will take you to those records for that cemetery.  The database is searchable for all cemeteries that are completed.  You can find family members buried in different cemeteries this way.  This database is of the stones located in the north west corner of Gratiot Co. and includes so far Sumner and Seville townships.  You might want to check online obituaries also.

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Brady Cemetery - Section 12 Seville Twp. Gratiot Co. Michigan on Adams and Rich Rd. - The burial records as of 1983 and DAR reading of 1937 were consulted and any graves with missing stones were included.  The stones are in the process of being read.

Sibley or Welch Cemetery - Section 19 Seville Twp. Gratiot Co. Michigan, on Madison Rd. 1/2 mile east of Lumberjack Park. The reading of stones completed in the summer of 2002 with burial records included and DAR readings of 1933 for any stones missing in 2002 reading.  Map of Cemetery

Riverdale Cemetery - Section 30 of Seville Township on Jackson Rd. 1/2 mile east of Lumberjack Rd. just north of the village of Riverdale.  Reading completed in July 2003 and burial records of 1983 consulted for graves without stones. The DAR reading was consulted to include readings from stones that are now missing.

French or Seville Center Cemetery -  Online Sept. 28, 2003.  Located in section 22 Seville Twp.  The reading was finished September 17, 2003.  The DAR reading of 1933 and the 1983 Burial records were consulted to find all graves that had no stones.  This cemetery is located on Madison Rd. between Bliss and Warner Road next to the township hall which is an old church building.

St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery or Irishtown in section 2 of Seville Twp. - Reading of the stones completed in early August 2003. DAR reading were consulted to include readings from stones that are now missing.  Map of Cemetery coming.  Some photos.

Memorial Gardens - Seville Twp. on M-46 east of Pingree Rd. - Date changed on expected time of reading.  2004 or 2005.  This is a corporation owned cemetery and has never been read and published.

Elm Hall Cemetery - Located just north of Van Buren Rd. on Ferris Rd. east of the village of Elm Hall.  It is in section 6 of Sumner Twp. Read in August-September 2003.  The DAR reading was consulted to include readings from stones that are now missing.  Burial records for this and any other Sumner Twp. cemetery is not available unless you contact the Township Clerk.   Map of Cemetery

Pritchard Cemetery - Sumner Township section 2 on Pingree Rd. 1/2 mile south of the village of Elwell.  This reading was finished in September of 2002.  DAR reading was consulted to include readings from stones that are now missing.  Map of Cemetery  - Some Photos

Wright Cemetery - In the process of reading in 2004. This cemetery lies in section 19 of Pine River Township on Winans Rd.  Also called Forest Hill Cemetery in some old records.

Sumner Cemetery - located north of the village of Sumner.  Date changed on expected time of reading.  2004 or 2005.

Having a hard time with scheduling anything too much this summer so far, in 2004 ............


but not in the searchable database

Hamilton Township Cemetery - located in section 3 this cemetery reading was completed in 2003 by Dale Cratsenburg and has an online index of the names only.  Dale will lookup your name in his file which contains photos of the headstones and other family information he has gotten from other sources, such as the census.

Riverside Cemetery - The City of Alma has the files online from this cemetery located at the south end of Alma in Arcada Twp. section 4.  Files are in PDF format and require an Adobe Acrobat reader.

Barnes Cemetery - North Star Township

Brady Cemetery - North Star Township - Photographs of the stones

Stanton Cemetery - Located in North Star Township


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