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Photo Donated by the Hamp Family
Ithaca High school marked Sept. 26-27 1912

Searchable Database of North West County Cemeteries

The above contains 4,336 readings and records of Seville and Sumner Townships.  September 28, 2003

There is a new addition to this page. The township pages are under development. We hope to feature history of each on these pages. Seville and Pine River are up with photos only right now. Please stop back for updates. If you would like to coordinate one of the pages for a township, gather information, be the township historian please contact me.

Cemeteries in Gratiot Co. are taken care of by the government of the township they are in. Below is listed the Township Office Address if available (I am working on getting the rest and hopefully with cooperation from the township officials it won't be too long before I get the missing ones listed.) and the cemeteries that are located in each township. Many of the Gratiot County Cemeteries have been transcribed in 1933-39 and put into books which are available for purchase from:

The Gratiot County Historical and Genealogical Society
Post Office Box 73
Ithaca, Michigan 48847
Phone: 1-989-875-4974

(better to write at this time)

For burials after the above dates and the ones noted below please contact the township or church office.

USGS-Geographic Names Information System Query
Want to see where these cemeteries are located on a map? Click on the above link and follow
the directions. You can look up churches, towns, and other features of Gratiot County, here also.


3290 W. Tyler Rd..* Alma, MI*48801*Ph: 1-989-463-6097
Bailey Jerome and Van Buren Rds., Alma Map Link transcribed
Ithaca Spring St., Ithaca   transcribed
Private St. Charles Street, Alma   transcribed
Riverside Alger Rd., Alma Map Link ONLINE  


9958 N. Blair Rd * Breckenridge, MI*Clerk Ph: Phone: (989) 842-1099
Bethany Indian Riverside Dr., St. Louis Map Link transcribed


PO Box 209 * Ashley, MI 48806-0209 * Phone: (989) 847-2210

Ford S. County Line Rd., Bannister Elsie Historical Society

Township Historian: Jim Shirey

2976 N. Baldwin Rd. * Ithaca, MI 48847-9709 * Clerk Phone: (989) 875-5041
Beebe or Emerson Bagley Rd., Ithaca Map Link transcribed
Pine Grove Tyler Rd., Ithaca Map Link transcribed


3425 W. Cleveland Rd..*Perrinton, MI 48871-0068 * Phone: (989) 236-5102
Collister or Hill Taft Rd., Perrinton Map Link transcribed
Danley or Phillips/Hill S. County Line Rd., Maple Rapids Map Link transcribed
Fulton or Fulton Center Alger Rd., Perrinton transcribed
Old Fulton Ranger Rd., Perrinton Map Link transcribed
Payne Ely Highway, Maple Rapids Map Link transcribed

Township Historian:  Dale Cratsenburg

Hamilton Twn. Clerk*4240 McClelland Rd.*Ashley, MI*48806 * Phone: (989) 847-4343
Hamilton Twp. Barry Rd., Edgewood Map Link transcribed 2003 All Name Index & Lookup Offer


7220 E. Lincoln Rd.* Breckenridge, MI *48615 * Phone: (989) 842-1182
Lafayette Twp. St. Charles Street, Ithaca Map Link transcribed


2918 W. Buchanan Rd.* Ithaca, MI 48847-9651* Phone: (989) 875-3310
Fritz or Hayes Road (USGS lists these as seperate cemeteries) Hayes Rd., Perrinton Fritz Map Link
Hayes Road Map Link
Greenwood or Wood/Naldreth Ely Highway, Middleton Map Link transcribed
Newark-Mennonite Church 3120 W. Johnson Rd.* Ithaca, MI * 48847 contact church
Mount Hope or Beechler Buchanan Rd., Ithaca Map Link transcribed

Township Historian:  Kevin Everingham

3027 S. Warner Road * Sumner, MI 48889-9739 * Phone: (989) 875-4097
New Haven Ctr. Buchanan Rd., Sumner transcribed

Township Historian: Dale Willett

North Star Twp. Clerk*3064 S. Crapo Rd.*Ithaca, MI*48847 * Phone: (989) 875-3352
Barnes Croswell Rd., North Star Map Link transcribed ONLINE   
Brady Crapo Rd., North Star Map Link transcribed ONLINE   
North Star Johnson & Baldwin Rds., North Star Map Link GCH&GS EHS-1998
Stanton Farm (Private) Croswell Rd., North Star transcribed ONLINE   

Township Historian: Chris Zahn

Pine River Twp. Clerk
1495 W. Monroe Rd.*St. Louis, MI*48880*Ph:1-989-681-5523
Oak Grove Corinth Rd., St. Louis Map Link transcribed
Wright Winans Rd., Alma Map Link transcribed Reading Coming in 2005

Township Historian:

Seville Twp. Clerk*8691 W. Madison Rd.*Elwell, MI*48832*Ph:1-989-463-6180

Brady (originally on Jos. Brady property section 12) Adams Rd., Forest Hill Map Link transcribed Online Plat Transcription ONLINE burials
French or Seville Center (originally on William Humphrey property) (USGS lists as Seville Church) Madison Rd., Elwell Map Link transcribed Online Plat Transcription ONLINESept. 2003
Riverdale section 31 north of the Village of Riverdale Jackson Rd., Riverdale Map Link transcribed ONLINE July 2003
St. Patrick's (Irishtown) maintained by the Catholic Church in Shepherd, Michigan.  County Line Rd., Elwell Map Link transcribed ONLINE August 2003
Chapel Gardens - privately owned - no reading available M-46 or Monroe Rd. Map Link none at present Coming in 2005
Sibley or Welch (originally a private cemetery by the name of Pelton or Riverside on George J. Sibley property section 19) Madison Rd., Riverdale Map Link transcribed ONLINE  



Sumner Twp. Clerk*Sumner, MI*48889*Ph:1-989-463-4531
Elm Hall Ferris & Wolf Rd., Elm Hall Map Link transcribed ONLINE
Pritchard (originally the Pritchard property)  Pingree Rd., Elwell  Map Link transcribed ONLINE  
Roosa Farm (Private) Olson Rd., Sumner transcribed  
Sumner Ferris Rd., Sumner Map Link transcribed Coming in 2004

Township Historian: Connie Smith

Washington Twp. Clerk* 3654 E Cleveland Rd* Ashley, MI *48806* 1-989-838-4494
Collier or W. Washington Ranger Rd., Pompeii Map Link transcribed
Hufford Crapo Rd., Ashley transcribed

Township Historian: Sarah Brooks

Wheeler Twp. Clerk*8510 E. Monroe Rd.*Wheeler, MI*48662*1-989-842-3428
Breckenridge or Ridgelawn/Roselawn Pine St., Breckenridge Map Link transcribed
Wheeler N. Wheeler Rd., Wheeler Map Link transcribed

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