1910 US Census - Hamilton Township, Gratiot Co.
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Only name, relation to Head of Household, and age listed
Supervisor's District. No. 11
Enumeration District. No. 69
Enumerator - Claude Hill
Enumeration Commenced April 15, 1910

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 LDS US/CAN Census Area FHL #1374661 or NARA - Film No. T624-648

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60Smith Virgil G.Son1 6/12page 3B
60Smith UriahFather81page 3B
60Smith Frank B.Head40page 3B
37Spers BessieWife20page 2A
37Spers Roy M.Head23page 2A
162St. Clair HasonHead80page 9B
162St. Clair EliziaWife74page 9B
162St. Clair MitchelSon35page 9B
90Stickman ViolaWife 39page 4B
90Stickman ThelmaDaughter6page 4B
90Stickman IvanSon18page 4B
90Stickman MarvinHead40page 4B
90Stickman MoralSon14page 4B
54Storner CarlineHead42page 3A
54Storner Amelia S.Daughter12page 3A
54Storner Frederick W.Son10page 3A
98Street AnthontHead65page 5A
8Sugar SarahWife48page 1A
8Sugar Robert J.Head49page 1A
6Tarr Ruth M.Daughter8page 1A
6Tarr Sue E.Daughter4page 1A
6Tarr George H.Head28page 1A
6Tarr Gertie M.Wife28page 1A
6Tarr JennetteDaughter1 4/12page 1A
51Thompson HaroldSon4page 3A
51Thompson HazleDaughter6page 3A
103Thompson LulabellDaughter3page 5B
51Thompson HarryHead42page 3A
103Thompson BerthaDaughter1 8/12page 5B
173Thompson HattieWife40page 10A
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