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??????????? This is a little burg in Hamilton Township, and is located eight miles east and one mile south of Ithaca, at the corners of sections 4, 5, 8 and 9 of Hamilton.? The place was first dreamed out by Judge William Sickels in December, 1880.? He had purchased a large tract of land there, and the idea of a country village in that place struck him favorably.? So he had 15 acres platted along in January, 1882, and recorded in the office of the register of deeds of the county.? The plat was afterward increased to about 33 acres.? When the matter was faily started, others became interested, Sheldon Wight taking an active part in establishing a business center.? He opened a store for the sale of general merchandise.? George Little started a blacksmith shop at about as early a period as there was anything doing, and he seems to have never repented, as he is still in business at the old stand.


Sickels Looking East - Hamilton Twp. Gratiot Co. Michigan
Sickels looking East.

            In the summer of 1883 Mr. Sickels erected a grist mill, John McDonald the first miller.? Afterward he sold it to Mr. Lockwood, and he sold it later to Mr. Secor, who, about the year 1896, removed it to Midland County.? The mill is said to have been a great convenience, but could not be made to pay.

??????????? The store has been at the present time ? and for the past six years has had ? Burr Betts as its proprietor.? At some times there have been two stores, W.F. Markham was located here several years, removing to Pompeii two or three years ago.

??????????? From the start Sickels had a postoffice.? Prior to that, the people of the vicinity were accommodated by Bad River postoffice, later on by Edgewood postoffice, the successor to Bad River.? Mrs. Emma C. Sickels,?


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wife of William Sickels, the father of the village, was appointed as the first postmaster, her appointment bearing date February 8, 1881.? Her successors were ? Jasper C. Sickels, appointed September 20, 1882; George B. Weaver, August 16. 1886; Carroll S. Betts, June 23, 1887; William Sickels, May 25, 1889; William F. Ready, June 19, 1890; Mason Wight, July 9, 1891; Peter Cunningham, May 15, 1893; E. Malvin Gibson, May 20, 1897; Robert J. Dillsworth, February 24, 1898; Charles Wight, January 19, 1903.? Since December 14, 1904, the people of Sickels are served from Ithaca postoffice, route No. 3.


Sickels M.E. Church & School

M.E. Church ? School House.


??????????? Sickels has a cheese factory, with W.H. Earls of Lansing, proprietor.? R. Ledoes is the cheese-maker and local manager.? The building is owned by Burr Betts.

??????????? An institution of much importance in that vicinity is the factory of C.D. Peet, located a mile south of Sickels Village.? It has been in operation several years.? Mr. Peet has owned and operated it only about three years.? The products of the factory are high-class and very popular.

??????????? The M.E. Church society have a very good church building with regular services supplied from Ashley.

??????????? The Free Methodists had a church society and building.? The building still stands, but the society is reduced to the vanishing point.

??????????? The Gleaners Lodge No. 166 was organized about the year 1897.? It is flourishing, with about 100 members.

??????????? A Lodge of Odd Fellows was organized in the late ?80?s and flourished many years.? Dissensions brought about suspension of the lodge.? Many of the members now belong at Edgewood.

??????????? The school is one of the common district school order.? Formerly and for several years there were two departments, with two teachers, but latterly one teacher fills the bill.? Geo. Little is the school director.

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