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Edgewood is another little four-corners with a store and a blacksmith shop as its principal business institutions. Though making no great pretensions as a business center, it is, nevertheless a convenient trading place for a large number of people.

Edgewood Store


The place is located on the line between Hamilton and Lafayette Townships, nine miles directly east of Ithaca, and, of course, is three miles from the Saginaw County line. The store, which is on the Lafayette side of the line, now has George Wagner as its proprietor. He succeeded Sisson & Tarr in November, 1912. Philander Sisson and Charles A. Tarr had been engaged in mercantile trade there for many years. Mr. Wagner, who was a farmer, lost a foot by an accident a year or two ago, and took up merchandising as being better for him, in his crippled condition, than the strenuous life of a farmer. He is ably assisted by his energetic and capable wife.

The blacksmith shop is in charge of Lawrence Mitchell as proprietor.

Edgewood gets its mail from Ithaca, since the rural free delivery sys­tem went into effect December 14, 1904. Previous to that, for about 30 years. Edgewood was a rural post office, having developed in 1874 from Bad River post office, which was established December 23, 1867, in Hamilton Township, with William Barton as postmaster. January 26, 1874, the name was changed to Edgewood, and Henry C. Mead was appointed post-master.


SMALL HAMLETS.           1201


Others came along in succession as follows: Harvey D. Curtis, December 16, 1874; Reuben Wight, November 8, 1875; Israel Cole, Feb­ruary 7, 1881; Frank H. Pierce, September 7, 1885; Philander H. Sisson, May 5, 1886; Charles A. Tarr, May 27, 1890; Calvin H. Pierce, August 10, 1894; Charles A. Tarr, March 31, 1899. The office was discontinued December 14, 1904, as stated, mail coming by way of Ithaca, route No. 4.

The Odd Fellows have a flourishing lodge, being Edgewood Lodge No. 257, organized December 20, 1888. The charter members were C. S. Betts, John P. Richmond, P. H. Sisson, Benj. F. Austin, S. M. Cole, Seth J. Curtis and James Cornell. The present officers are: N. G.—Arthur Gibbs; V. G. —O. W. Warner; Past G.—Albert Davis; Sec.—Tom. Smith; Treas.— Elmer Emery.

Forest Rebecca Degree Lodge No. 146 was organized May 15, 1895, with charter members as follows: Ollie F. Richmond, D. S. Muffly, Wm. Cor­nell, Melvin A. Emery, C. S. Betts, James Cornell, Elon P. Potter and F. H. Pitts.

Encampment No. 165 was organized July 15, 1907. Charter members were as follows: F. H. Arnold, Rolla I. Peet, Odell Peet, H. C. Devereaux, Thomas Bouch and J. T. Enos.

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