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From a section of the book;
History of Gratiot County Michigan
Historical, Biographical, Statistical
by Willard D. Tucker 1913

1873, June 7-In a fire that burned the house of Frank Kimball, of New Haven, his little daughter, Maggie, aged three years, was burned to death in bed.

1876, March 10-Stephen Whiting, of New Haven was killed by falling timbers while aiding in raising the frame of a building.

1880, Jan. 12-John Sellers, aged about 50, was killed by a falling limb, while engaged in chopping.

1882, Nov. 20-The little daughter of Thos. O. Whipple, aged six, died from burns received two days previously, caused by her clothes taking fire.

1885, Aug. 1-A young man named Frank Townsend, while insane, killed himself by cutting his throat.

1889. Nov. 17-A lamentable shooting accident occurred at the home of Samuel E. Sower. By the accidental discharge of a gun their only daughter, Nannie, aged 14, was so terribly wounded that she died within about two hours. No criminal blame was charged to anyone. It was only the everlasting and near-criminal practice of careless handling of firearms.

1890, Feb. 26-Hiram Husted, aged about 65, hanged himself in his brother's barn in Newark. Nothing that would pass as a valid cause was brought out at the coroner's inquest. Mr. H. was a veteran of the Civil War.

1896, Dec.- Claude, aged five, son of Godfrey Crouse, was killed by a falling limb.

1903, July 21-During a thunder storm the house of David Davis, Jr., was struck by lightning and the only child, Harry, 12 years old, was instantly killed.


1904, Oct. 4-A fatal tragedy was enacted at the Morse farm Tuesday afternoon, October 4. During a thunder storm at that time Noel Morse, youngest son of Hon. Chas. H. Morse, who occupied the place, was struck by lightning and killed, just as he was about to enter the barn. The barn was burned. The unfortunate man was 31 years of age and highly esteemed.

1905, Dec-Ira Andrews' death resulted from the accidental discharge of his gun when returning home from a hunting trip. The gun fell backward from his shoulder and was discharged, the load shattering both legs. One leg had to he amputated, and he succumbed to the shock and loss of blood a few hours afterward.




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