A History of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan and its People
Volume II. Its Mining, Lumber and Agricultural Industries.

by Alvah L. Sawyer
Published in 1911 by The Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago

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All the biographical sketches published in this volume were submitted to their respective subjects or to the subscribers, for whom the facts were primarily obtained, for their approval or correction before going to press; and a reasonable time was allowed in each case for the return of the typewritten copies. Most of them were returned to us within the time allotted, or before the work was printed, after being corrected or revised; and these may therefore be regarded as reasonably accurate.

A few, however, was not returned to us; and, as we have no means of knowing whether they contain errors or not, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. In justice to our readers, and to render this work more valuable for reference purposes, we have indicated these uncorrected sketches by a small asterisk (*), placed immediately after the name of the subject.  They will all be found on the last pages of the book.

Biographical Publishing Co.

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