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[Page 1] St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet


Albert J. Gazvoda   Mrs. Mary Kocjan
Sec'y-Treas. Program Committee
    John Ilenich Frank P. Shaltz, Chairman

John Lackner

    Dr. Fred Klobuchar Joseph Butala
    Albert Shutey
Decorations Music
    Frank Musich Albert Grichar
Mrs. Joseph Sustarich
John Mukavetz Emma Sustarich


Grateful Acknowledgement is made to all establishments and individuals for their very generous response in contributing to space reserved for the purpose of making the printing of this souvenir book possible.

Special indebtedness is acknowledged to Rev. Fr. Sprajcar and Mr. John Ilenich for their efforts in supplying invaluable information in the compiling of the church history. To Mrs. John Ilenich for her contribution toward the composition of this book; to all members of the souvenir program committee who lent their untiring efforts in promoting this publication and making significant suggestions.

The spirit of loyalty and cooperation which motivated the founders of our parish and brought it through the years has made the celebration of this golden jubilee possible. May it endure and bring to us a glorious centennial.

[Page 2]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

Rev. Fr. Peter Sprajcar

Pastor of St. Joseph's church

[Page 3]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

St. Joseph's Church Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan


[Page 4]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

History Of St. Joseph's Slovenian Parish

Shortly after the organization of the St. Joseph's Lodge in 1882, an appeal was made to Bishop Vertin to send to Calumet a Slovenian priest so that the Slovenes would be able to perform their religious duties at least once a year. This petition the bishop fulfilled by sending the able Reverend Father Cebul.

By 1888 the Slovenian population was greatly increased, so much so, that Bishop Vertin sent a permanent priest, the Rev. Joseph Zalokar to take care of their spiritual needs. He was stationed at the Sacred Heart church. Being a small church, that, too, soon became very crowded and under the able leadership of Rev. Zalokar, and the coöperation of St. Joseph's

Lodge plans were formulated regarding the construction of a new Slovenian church. Since, at that time, the C. & H. Mining Company owned all land hereabouts, they (the Co.) had to be consulted as to a suit-

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[Page 5]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

Congratulations from

Father of Slovenian Fraternalism in the United States of America.
Organized Sept. 17, 1882 at Calumet, Michigan

St. Joseph's Society

Top row—J. Butala, P. Staudahar, J. Brozovich, G. Spehar, A. Bayuk.
Second row—J. Stukel, J. Somrak, J. Srebrnjak, T. Gregorich, P. Schneller.
Bottom row—F. P. Shaltz, Recording Sec'y.; J. Grahek, Vice President; J. Dragman, President; J. Chesarek, Secretary; J. Ilenich. Treasurer.

Organizing Officers
Joseph Sotlich, President                      John R. Vertin, Secretary
Matt Stukel, Vice-Pres.                     Frank Brunskole, Recording Secy.
M. B. Vertin, Treasurer

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