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[Page 6]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

Bishop Ignace Mrak Bishop John Vertin
born Oct. 16, 1810
in Poljanah by Skofji Loki,
Bishop of Marquette Diocese

Born in Doblicje, Slovenia

Bishop of Marquette Diocese

[Page 8]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

able site for a church; and so, very graciously donated two lots for this purpose. In addition to this kindness, the President, Alexander Agassiz gave the Slovenians the very generous sum of two thousand dollars as a start for this worthy project, which, as you know, was greatly appreciated by our people.

Following this excellent beginning collectors were appointed and sent to work soliciting for building funds. The first day the exorbitant sum of six thousand dollars was raised, truly an enormous amount.

This sound financial beginning had a marked effect upon the morale of the builders. Each member of the church carefully laid aside the money that must be his share towards increasing the fund. Enough money was on hand to begin actual work in 1889 with the cornerstone being laid Sept. 29th of the same year. Work went on diligently and faithfully for the next few months. The church would have been completed that same year had there not been the terrific wind storm that not only blew down the structural frame of the wooden church but also demolished and wrecked many other buildings going up in the town at the same time.

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[Page 10]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet


Calumet, Mich.

[Page 12]  St. Joseph's Golden Jubilee - Calumet

Of course this catastrophe made it necessary to begin building again in 1890. A church costing thirty thousand dollars was built that year and blessed by Bishop Vertin on the 29th of November. Three bells for this church were bought in 1891 by the parishioners and many others who contributed. At the time of the bells arrival, Bishop Vertin was in Europe. I distinctly recall him as he said Mass in the church at Dobličje, Slovenia.

For the bells blessing Bishop Mrak, also Slovenian, arrived from Marquette. By this time St. Joseph's Lodge had 385 members who in a body solemnly and impressively marched into the church. All available space was taken up and many a white haired gentleman and lady of the present, recall the scholarly and touching sermon delivered by the Rev. Zalokar on that memorable day.

The beauty and music loving Slovenes were so proud of their achievements and well they may be, too, as they dedicated their finer arts to God.

Sturdy hands raised the bells high into the belfry the next day. The pealing of the bells was performed by Joseph Panjan and Sebastian Vidosh, who became so widely known for their

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