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General Records

General records such as vitals, transcriptions of directories, cemeteries, church records, census indexes, etc. are always welcome to put on the Houghton MIGenWeb site.  Copyright stays with the person donating the records at all times on this county site.  If you have a transcription or other record

Township Volunteers Needed

If you have or are able to get records that pertain to any of the Houghton Co. townships, please consider sharing them with researchers online.  Any type of material that contains the history of the township, cemetery recordings, vital records, business records, plat map indexes, or the history of organizations can be put on your site or this site.  

Creating Your Own Pages

You can use the space or directory that has already been created on the Rootsweb server for your pages, or create your directory on another server such as Tripod, Geocities, or your own ISP. If you want to use the space provided on on the MIGenWeb Houghton Co. site, the pages would need to forwarded to me, so I can put them in the proper directory.

Please read and follow the guidelines below.


    USGenWeb and MIGenWeb Project Guidelines

    1. A link and project logo for MIGenWeb Project needs to be on your first page to be considered a part of the project. Many people recognize USGenWeb and MIGenWeb as a source of free genealogical research on the Web.

    New CC or TH Guidelines and Help

    MIHought Guidelines

    First and foremost - Subscribe to the MIHOUGHT mail list in either list mode or digest mode, if you aren't already subbed.  This is so you keep up with people's queries and offer suggestions if you can and to keep abreast of the new files and projects that are going on with the site.  

    1. The links at the bottom of this page need to be on your township index page in some way.

    2. The MIGenWeb logo should be located on your index page with a link back to the MIGenWeb Houghton Co. Index Page.

    3. No copyrighted material is to be put on any page. If the material you have is older than 1927 the copyright is generally off that material and can be used. Also most government records are copyright free.  Include a "date published" on all material on your site to avoid legal accusations and problems.

    4. If you put copyrighted material on your site you must have permission from the author or publisher. Written is best to protect yourself. It is your responsibility to make sure this is done on your pages.

    5. USGenWeb and MIGenWeb's policy is that the pages under the project are not to promote material for financial gain of the person creating the page. It is allowable to create links to other pages or sites with items for sale that are related to your township though, as long as it is made clear that it is an item for sale or a researcher for hire.

    6. If any of the above cannot or have not been followed I will contact you to work out a solution. If I can't get a hold of you within 30 days or a solution has not been worked out in that time period your page links will have to be changed to a non-MIHought Project status, and your name taken off as Township Historian. The Township page will revert back to a page that is up for adoption with a link to your pages if they are available on the internet, unless you request that they be removed.

    7. If you have material that you have transcribed for your township you have the choice of either placing the material on your site and/or placing it in the USGenWeb Archives under Houghton County's directory. Copyright of this material is always credited to the creator of the file and is stated on all archive files. The archives has a search engine that will help people locate your files when they visit any of the following pages by just typing in a Surname or another word that is in that file: Rootsweb, USGenWeb, MIGenWeb or MIHought.

If you have any further questions or need help with some html please let me know.



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