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Please look under specific counties also.

Cemetery Records Online Michigan Index 2382
This project allows you to search the Michigan records that have been entered by people. You can also sumbit your cemetery transcriptions for your family so others may view.

Cherry Grove Clare Mi 500
Lulu Loar Berger S Half of S Half Lot 32

Cherry Grove,Clare Mi 493
Isaac loar,Celestine Loar,Clayton Loar,Zelma Loar Lot 32 1/2

Leelanau Cemetery Database 476
This ongoing project is sponsored online by Leelanau.com Not all cemeteries are finished but they have made some great progress.

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If you have a favorite site that fits into this category, please take a few moments to add the link so other researchers may find it.  The only thing we ask is that the site contains actual free to the public genealogy data.  Sites that contain only links  or addresses will not be accepted.  If the site is commercial in some way but has data that is free to the public for viewing go ahead and list.  Sites that are purely commercial and want to advertise should contact the webmaster. 

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