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Census Data Online

Please look under specific counties also.

1870 Federal Population Census 2213
The 1870 Federal Population Census is hosted on the Library of Michigan site. Want to find all the people with your surname in Michigan for that time period here is the place to check! Indexed - searchable and actual images are online for viewing.

1820 Census of Michigan 1015
Hosted by the St. Joseph Co. MIGenWeb site. If you have early settlers this is a good starting point to find if where they were. This census only lists males and the count of people in the house at the time.

1890 Veterans Census 996
The 1890 Federal Census was involved in a fire and most of it was lost. One part that did survive is a special census of veterans living in the state that year. Varied counties are online for viewing.

1830 Territorial Census for Michigan 929
This census is hosted on the Kent Co. MIGenWeb site. All counties are done and online for viewing.

1894 Michigan State Veteran Census 906
The State of Michigan conducted a census in 1894 and collected information on all the veterans living in the state. This a searchable database that contains all the entries 42544 vets for all counties.

1883 Civil War Pensioners 647
A searchable database of Military Pensioners that were enumerated in 1883. Many counties are online and others still coming.

1880 Census Index by LDS 548
The index is online for the US Federal Census, 1881 Canadian and 1881 United Kingdom Census. These indexes are one of the best ways to find what census film you need for copies for your records.

Census Finder - Michigan Census Records 538
Information about Michigan census records and where to find them along with a directory of Michigan genealogical and historical societies, Michigan Historical Museums and other genealogy resources for Michigan.

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If you have a favorite site that fits into this category, please take a few moments to add the link so other researchers may find it.  The only thing we ask is that the site contains actual free to the public genealogy data.  Sites that contain only links  or addresses will not be accepted.  If the site is commercial in some way but has data that is free to the public for viewing go ahead and list.  Sites that are purely commercial and want to advertise should contact the webmaster. 

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