Narol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland Narol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland
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HAAS, Antoni (Anthony) (1877-1928)c,c,p,p,p,P
HAAS, Christine (1888-1938)c,c,p,p,p,p,p,P
HAAS, Filip (1843-      )c,p,p,p,p,P
HAAS, Franciszek (Francis) (1921-1961)c,p,p,p,p,P
HAAS, Józef (      -      )s,C
HAAS, Maria (      -1944)c,p,p,p,p,p,P
HAAS, Nana (      -      )s,C
HAAS, Peter (      -      )s,p,P
HAFTAL, Adolf (Adolph) (      -      )c,c,P
HAFTAL, Fryderyk (Frideric) Andrzej (Andrew) Ignatz (Ignatius) (1892-      )s,C
HAFTAL, Józef (Joseph) (      -      )P
HAJDO, Jadwigac,p,p,P
HAJDUK, Grzegorz (Gregory) (      -      )p,p,P
HAJDUK, Jan (John) (      -      )c,c,P
HAJDUK, Kacper (Casper) (1892-1892)s,C
HAJDUK, Katarczyna (Catherine) (1889-      )s,C
HAJDUK, Katarzyna (Catharine) (      -      )c,c,p,P
HAJDUK, Maria (Maria) (      -      )c,p,P
HAJDUK, Michal (Michael) (      -      )c,c,P
HAJDUK, Rozalia (Rosalia) (1888-      )s,C
HAJDUK, Sebastian (Sebastian) (1890-1890)s,C
HAJDUK, Tekla (Thecla) (      -      )P
HAJDUK, Wincenty (Vincent) (      -      )P
HAJKOWSKI, Antoni (Anthony) (      -      )C
HALUZA, StanislawC
HAMECKA, Maria (Maria) (      -      )c,c,P
HAMECKI, Franciszek (Francis) (      -      )P
HAMP, Jason Claytons,C
HAMP, Nathan Patricks,C
HAMP, Ronald Francisc,p,P
HARLOS, Franciszkac,p,p,p,p,P
HARPER, Mark Allens,C
HARTUNG, Carmin Lynns,C
HARTUNG, Jessica Leas,C
HARTUNG, Leo Edmundc,p,P
HASS, Anna Janinac,p,P
HASS, Barbara (Barbara)c,p,P
HASS, Boguslawc,p,P
HASS, Boleslawc,p,P
HASS, Boleslaws,C
HASS, Elzbieta (Elisabeth) (1847-      )s,c,C
HASS, Ewas,C
HASS, Fillipi (Phillip) (      -      )p,p,P
HASS, Grzegorzc,P
HASS, Halina Elzbietac,p,p,P
HASS, Ireneuszs,C
HASS, Jakubs,C
HASS, Jan (John) (      -      )c,c,p,p,p,P
HASS, Jan (John) (1904-1984)c,p,p,p,p,p,P
HASS, Jolanta Mariac,p,P
HASS, Józef (Joseph) (      -      )P
HASS, Józef (Joseph) (1890-      )C
HASS, Józef (Joseph) (1902-1965)c,p,p,P
HASS, Karolinas,C
HASS, Katarzyna (Catharine) (      -      )c,c,P
HASS, Katarzyna (Catharine) (1864-1908)s,C
HASS, Magdalenac,P
HASS, Magdalena (Magdalene) (      -      )s,C
HASS, Magdalena (Magdalene) (1844-      )c,c,P
HASS, Marcin (Martin) (      -      )c,c,P
HASS, Maria (1944-1996)c,p,p,P
HASS, Marias,C
HASS, Maria (Maria) (1906-1982)c,p,p,P
HASS, Maria (Maria)s,c,P
HASS, Maria (Maria) (      -      )C
HASS, Marians,C
HASS, Michal (Michael) (      -      )s,C
HASS, Michal (Michael) (1867-1932)s,C
HASS, Rafals,C
HASS, Roman (Roman) Antoni (Anthony)c,p,P
HASS, Stanislaw (Stanislaus) (      -      )C
HASS, StanislawaC
HASS, Urszulac,p,p,P
HASS, Wladyslaw (Ladislau) A.c,p,p,P
HASS, Zofia (Sophia) (1871-1965)s,C
HASS, Zygmunts,C
HAZIK, Antoni (Anthony) (      -      )c,c,P
HAZIK, Michal (Michael) (      -      )P
HAZIK, Stefania (Stephania) (1892-      )s,C
HEC, Maria (Maria) (      -      )P
HELUSZKO, Aleksandras,C
HELUSZKO, Wieslawc,p,P
HENNINGER, Michael Allen IIc,P
HENNINGER, Michael Allen IIIs,C
HERDA, Andrzej (Andrew) (1893-      )s,C
HERDA, Blazej (Blaise) (Abt 1763-      )
HERDA, Franciszek (Francis) (1889-      )s,C
HERDA, Jan (John) (      -      )p,P
HERDA, Jan (John) (1884-      )s,C
HERDA, Józef (Joseph) (1888-1977)c,C
HERDA, Józef (Joseph) (1887-      )s,C
HERDA, Józefa (Josepha) (      -      )c,c,p,p,p,P
HERDA, Katarzyna (Catharine) (      -      )P
HERDA, Ludowik (Ludwig - Louis) (      -      )P
HERDA, Marcela (Marcela) (1885-1895)s,C
HERDA, Maria (Maria) (1857-      )c,c,p,P
HERDA, Wiktoria (Victoria) (1891-1976)c,C
HERDA, Wojciech (Adalbert) (      -      )s,s,c,c,p,p,p,p,p,p,P
HERMANN, Libby Jos,c,p,P
HERZOG, Angella Maries,C
HERZOG, George Frederickc,p,p,P
HERZOG, Jennifer Lynns,C
HERZOG, Kathleen Michelle (1980-1980)s,C
HETZ, Józef (Joseph) (      -      )c,c,P
HETZ, Józef (Joseph) (      -      )P
HETZ, Tomasz (Thomas)C
HILL, Lindas,c,p,P
HISE, Nancy Anns,c,p,P
HOCHLA, Maria (Maria) (      -      )P
HOELKO, Wiktoria (Victoria) (      -      )P
HOLUB, Amalia (1933-1971)s,c,c,p,p,P
HOLUB, Antonis,C
HOLUB, Franciszek (1908-1977)c,c,P
HOLUB, Janp,p,P
HOLUB, Janinas,C
HOROSZKO, Dominika (Dominica?) (      -      )c,c,p,P
HOROSZKO, Jan (John) (      -      )P
HOROSZKO, Maria (Maria) (      -      )c,c,P
HOROSZKO, Panetaleon (      -      )P
HRYNIAK, Ewa (Eva) (      -      )P
HUSEN, Brian Michaels,C
HUSEN, Michael Lawrences,c,p,P
HUSEN, Stacie Maries,C

Narol (Lubaczów), Rzeszów, Poland Births 1880-1893,  microfilm FHL 2003606.  Original records in Polish and Latin transcribed by Patricia Wazny-Hamp © 2000-2002.  To be used for personal family use only. Copying of files for publishing to another web site, book or other printed source record is not allowed without  the express permission of the author and citation of source and copyright notation.

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